Workout in your Workplace

Are you struggling to fit a workout into your day?

Are you findng it hard to make it to an evening class?

Are you too busy or too tired to get to workout before or after work?

Do you have space at work?

Let me come to you!

Most companies and organizatons are now familiar with the benefits of wellbeing in the workplace.

Working out whist at work not only helps the employee to focus but it releases endorphines, relieves stress, increases confidence and helps to create a more positive attitude towards work.

Then of course there are the physical benefits of exercising at work such as helping to relieve neck and back ache and improve posture.  Not forgetting the teambuilding aspect and that employees who are fit are less likely to get sick and take time off work!

What’s there to lose?

Whether you work in an small offfice, a huge corperate organisation, a school, college or even a hospital, I can bring a bring a workout to you!  Choose between Pilates Matwork, Piloxing, Trigger Point Pilates, HIIT workouts or let me tailor make a class for you!

Please contact me for prices and availability.




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