7.00-8.00pm Tuesday Evening

Pilates for Mobility

St Johns Church, Eden Park, Beckenham.

£80.00PP Per Course

I’ve just completed the June/July 6 week course. Amazing results really fast. I’ve been sporty all my life so have racked up a few injuries over the years including a few serious knee injuries. I wish this trigger point pilates had been offered to me as part of my injury rehab over the years. Luckily I think I’ve found it just in time as I’m pushing 40 and hoping to prevent the arthritis, aches and pains that might lay ahead. It has been an eye opener and Teresa is a really knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor. I totally endorse the course – give it a go.


“After having lower back pain for 5 years since having kids, Teresa’sclasses are having a huge impact. I usually wake up in quite a lot of pain but after the classes I wake up in the morning totally pain-free, it’s incredible.”


I’m walking to work with a spring in my step after last night’s Mobility class!

Thanks Teresa!


I’m sleeping much better since I started doing Teresa’s Pilates class. I’ve learned techniques that are easy to use at home and released a lot of tension.


This class is essential really in preventing the aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk all day. It helps relieve some of those knots too.


After having a problem painful hip for 7 years that the doctor put down to “getting older” I can honestly say that within about 2-3 weeks of starting Teresa’s classes the pain disappeared. The classes are also great fun which is a bonus!


I have suffered with back pain quite recently in life and the discomfort has been considerable. From the first class there was a noticeable change and after 12 weeks the change has been life altering; not only has my posture changed, I have shed some pounds, I am back playing a little sport and most of all the majority of my days are pain free! I have to say I was sceptical at first but that changed the night after my first class and I have been raving about it ever since! X


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