The Skinny Jeans Workout Club- Post Lockdown Sessions.




If lockdown has left you feeling sluggish, heavy and deflated, you know you’ve overindulged, spent time comfort eating and sitting around – you’re probably feeling pretty fed up with yourself right now – Especially if you’ve put in a lot of hard work up until then with your workouts and clean eating.

f you feel like you’ve been sitting around too much and you’ve overdone it a bit with comfort food and alchohol…If you’ve lost your motivation, gained weight around the middle THAT JUST WONT SHIFT and you need help to start back…I CAN HELP! 

I’ll help you understand why you may be having trouble shifting weight below your belt and what you can start doing about it STRAIGHT AWAY so that you can move forwards in the right direction.

I’ll show you how you can make simple tweaks to what you are eating and teach you simple lifestyle hacks to get you feeling and looking your best in no time at all.

I’ll get you working out in the correct way to help you acheive your goals, without you spending hours every day exercising!


What is the Skinny Jeans Workout Club? 


We ALL have a pair of favourite jeans we want to fit into, don’t we? 

The Skinny Jeans Workout Club is an exclusive, sell out, online workout and inch loss group for ladies who want to drop a dress size and fit back into ‘those’ jeans.

I will be teaching you my Skinny Jeans Workouts which are metabolic workouts, targeting EVERYTHING  ‘below the belt’ and a little bit more! I’ll help you shred the fat on this course and you’ll be back in those jeans in no time – but you must be comitted!

This is not just a workout – it’s an inch loss course and I’ll be giving you shopping lists, measurement charts, example meal plans and recipe ideas, plus tips for keeping the inches off LONG TERM and much, much more.

This is NOT a diet – this is clean eating at it’s best.

So What’s New?

This is The Skinny Jeans Workout Club, we know it gets results, so we will definitely be sticking with the same protocol of the previous plans.  Because of Covid, this time, EVERYTHING will be on line.   I’ll be sending you EVERYTHING you need before hand and we will meet for our Skinny Jeans Metabolic Workout on Zoom every Monday from 7.00-7.45pm (this session will also be recorded, so you can do in your own time too!)

This time, the wonderful Gemma Gow will be heading up the Nutritional side of the plan.

Gemma has a Masters in Sports Nutrition and has worked with university athletes and premiership rugby players.  Gemma is also a coach for a well known weight loss brand and just happens to also be my Neice!!


Welcome to The Skinny Jeans Workout Club Gemma!


  • Each week we’ll meet online to do our SJWC Metabolic Workout – This workout will be recorded so you will be able to access it again and again. 
  • You will have access to your own Nutritionist!
  • Weekly SJWC Nutrition and Exercise Podcast with new topics each week!
  • Nutritionist Q and A time each week.
  • Secret Facebook Group.
  • 24/7 supoort.
  • New receipe ideas each week.
  • The usual meal planners, recipe ideas, printables and downloadables plus loads more!



  • Willing to dedicate time to this inch loss and exercise course.
  • Fully committed and open to changing your lifestyle and kicking old habits.
  • Ready to make a change and be totally dedicated to working towards the goals you have set.
  • 100% prepared to stick with the plan.


How do I know if this is for me?

Here’s what others have said about the Skinny Jeans Workout Club!

Skinny Jeans Workout programme is really effective – it’s not a diet plan, it’s a 6-8-week programme to try and change your lifestyle and break bad habits and Teresa will be with you, supporting and motivating you with her kind smile along the way!

I LOVE Teresa’s Skinny Jeans Workout Club, workout and clean eating plan – I lost more weight and inches than on any other diet plan I’ve tried!

I tried Teresa’s Skinny Jeans Workout Club about a year ago and after years of excuses shifted a stubborn stone and a half plus many inches.  And because it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change, those pounds and inches have stayed off for nearly a year!  Such an encourager, great classes and I can only wholeheartedly recommend all that Teresa does

Teresa has managed to kick start me into a much healthier mind-set.  My Skin is glowing, my stomach is shrinking and the scales say 4kg lighter after just a few weeks.  The advice about nutrition and food is really motivating.  I’m so glad I signed up!


The SJWC will only be open to 10 people this September.

Investment to join the Skinny Jeans Club is:


Payment Options:

Payment by installment: Initial payment of £40.00 followed by 2 x monthly installments of £40.00

One off Payment of £120.00

** Please make sure you are sure about joining the Skinny Jeans Workout Club before you book as I am unable to give refunds after any program information has been sent out. Thank you.

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