Shining Seniors Pilates

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A class purely dedeicated to senior participants/over 55’s concentrating on core stability, flexibility, balance, osteoporosis prevention, weight bearing and fascia release.

If you are looking to increase your flexibility, strengthen your back and abdominal muscles or to become a little bit more mobile, without the worry that you are not going to keep up…this is for you!

I will assess your posture and guide you through specific exercises to help you feel more mobile and strong from the inside. We will focus on:

Stabalizing the pelvis

Mobilizing the spine

Freeing up stiff hips and shoulders

Balance and falls prevention

Osteoporosis prevention

Strengthening core and lower back

This class combines the ‘best bits’ of classical Pilates, focusing on correct technique and form along with flexibility work and self mayofascia release to help stretch and relax the muscles.  This class is a great ‘back care’ class and is suitable for beginners.

I have been doing Pilates with Teresa for many years.

She always individualises the work out to tailor to everyone’s unique weakness/ problem areas. She is patient, enthusiastic and passionate about her craft.
She is well informed and up to date with the latest thinking on health and fitness. A real credit and gem for the burgeoning industry.

Lai See

I contacted Teresa and started in her mixed ability Trigger Point Pilates class post knee-replacement surgery. I was in a very bad place, with back problems causing great difficulty with mobility. My GP had suggested Yoga or Pilates but I struggled to find a teacher that would “take me on” or even have a class to suit. At that point I couldn’t even get onto the floor without chairs for assistance. Being just that little bit older(!) I was very apprehensive of joining a regular pilates class or starting a class full of able-bodied, younger people..

Teresa’s class was perfect.. Not only did Teresa make me feel very welcome, she took time to reassure me, she made adjustments to exercises to work to my ability, and has helped me return to some sense of normality.

I can’t thank Teresa enough for what she has done for me. She seriously keeps me moving week to week. Long may she continue.


Teresa is a great teacher. She really knows her stuff. Her classes combine a good body workout with laughter and de stressing.


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