Everyone is talking about or doing Barre workouts…

Ballet inspired workouts, really take your traditional body conditioning class to the next level, helping to improve posture whilst lengthening and strengthening your muscles, increasing core power – and all without gaining bulk!  These workouts really are designed to create long, lean muscles and a strong physique, whilst you embrace your inner ballerina!

This February a brand new Barre class is coming to She Shines Pilates at Venue28!

This class will combine the elegance and grace of a traditional Barre workout with the strengh and control of Pilates –   all guaranteed to make you glow, both inside and out and you don’t even need a background in dance or ballet to join in!!

I’m looking for people to join a FREE class on Thursday 22nd February at 7.45pm and booking is now OPEN! 

To book the FREE class CLICK HERE

And if you want it –  a 4 week Barre course will follow, starting Thursday 8th March – 29th March 2018 at 7.45pm.

This class will be taught by international presenter HIRISA DE TROIA.

Hiri started studying dance at the age of 15.  Since then she has gained full qualifications in Modern and Contemporary dance in her native home of Italy.

She has travelled the word teaching, performing, and choreographing for festivals, TV shows and Opera’s.

Hiri holds a IDA Teacher Training master certificate in Modern and Contemporary dance and various other fitness qualifications including Barre, Pilates Matwork and Piloxing.




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